Shani Jap 23000 times

Shani Jap 23000 Times

Price : Rs. 21000

Hindus strongly believe that by worshipping Lord Shani,especially on Shani Jayanti, all the hurdles and problems in one’s path are eliminated. It is considered very essential to get free of Shani Dosh and to excel in professional life. It is commonly believed that lord Shani creates hindrance in one’s growth. Hence, in order to delight lord Shani.Astrological experts uphold the fact that a person’s success or failure in life is greatly determined by the placement of Shani in their horoscope. Though this is true to a certain extent, the same cannot be taken for granted. Some people even believe in the myth that Shani brings bad luck upon people. In fact, Shani is believed to bring in best luck but only in a gradual manner that comes through patience and hard work. One needs to understand the importance of discipline to succeed in life. Maintaining consistency in life is something that is helpful in keeping the negative influence under control.

Shani Jaap is performed on Shani Jayanti to please the Lord and to ensure that good luck favors them. However, it is not desired that people leave everything to God in the quest of prosperity. In fact your fate also depends upon the right location and direction of Shani Graha.

Performing Shani Jap 23000 times is certainly helpful in changing the position through which your fortunes too could be changed accordingly.